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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – Once You Retire, How Are You Going to Spend Your Time?

Whether you plan to retire in five, ten, fifteen or twenty years, it’s never too early to begin scoping out a carefree and productive next stage of life. You will be retiring from your job, not from purposeful living! How do you intend to spend the 2,000+ hours per year currently dedicated to your career? Host Roy Richards author of A Mid;Life Challenge WAKE UP! urges you to approach retirement in the same fashion you would a radical career transition. In fact, once finances are in order, planning for retirement is far easier and much less stressful than starting up a business or getting hired for that dream job No longer must you find someone else to pay you to have a good time. Follow Roy’s five practical steps to the retirement of your dreams. Guest Tami Simon introduces “Sounds True” a website loaded with free audios, inspiring interviews, online courses, books and an annual “wakeup festival” all intended to encourage spiritual growth, self-empowerment and a sense of purpose in life’s second half.