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The Dog Connection

Annie Brody

The Dog Connection – Doglish as a Second Language

What is the single most effective way to “train” your dog? How can you get your dog to stop jumping up on people, pulling on his leash, or chewing up things not mean to be ingested? Learn to understand Doglish and communicate with your dog in HIS language.
When people tell Michael Badial of Best Paw Forward Inc. that they are having a problem with their dog and ask him for a way to deal with it, he always says “it depends.” Because Michael believes that every being is unique, and so is every situation. Michael & his wife Jamie consider themselves Canine Educators of people, not “trainers.” They are active in dog rescue and foster care and are volunteer partners with Focus on Homeless Animals outside of Philadelphia. They often work with people who have adopted “reactive”dogs. Their approach is to teach people how to first understand their dog’s motivations and behavior through observation and then based on that, help them forge their own style of working with their individual dog.
Every human can learn “Doglish as a Second Language” and develp a loving and satifying relationship with their companion dog that is built on mutual trust and respect.