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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Cheering You On! Insights Into The Power Of Encouragement

Connecting with others in a genuine way is a powerful experience that cannot be underestimated. When we can connect we can inspire and be inspired, encourage and be encouraged. No matter the challenge you may be facing in life there is someone out there who is ready and willing to be the leader of your cheer squad, cheering you on to achieve your own greatness and live your purpose in all the forms it may take.
Join host Shannon Bush as she talks with guest Kerrie Phipps, an interesting story teller who is a coach, author, speaker and genuine inspirer believer who is on a path to encourage and cheer people on in a profound and transformational way. With a particular passion for encouraging and supporting quiet achievers Kerrie has been innovative in her approach to connect people together to create powerful outcomes. During the conversation Kerrie shares some of her own story of discovering her purpose and insights into how to seek your own support and encouragement and how to be inspired to take action to live a life you love and celebrate that
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