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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes Edith Namm author of “Change To A Positive Mindset and Extend Your Life Line.” Edith Namm is a counselor and specialized Handwriting Analyst holding a Master’s Degree in Guidance from New York University, and is certified as a specialized Graph analyst from the Institute of Graphic Science at Texas University. Edith has been a college professor at Brooklyn College since 1943, and has authored 6 books on stress management, is a cancer survivor and active member of the healing community, teaching a teleconference course on Positive Ways To Energize the Brain and Body. In her newest book, Edith offers a roadmap and 11 ways to positively engage one’s brain and body, using words to affect our beliefs and attitudes. Many of us have become aware that even one word, either positive or negative, can affect our emotional state and bio-chemically change our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and digestion. Constant exposure to inappropriate language or behavior puts tremendous stress on our physical functioning, and can create anxiety, pain and long term emotional imbalances leading to dysfunction and disease.

In discussing the physical structures of the brain which is part of the Central Nervous System, we become aware that the brain, while only 3 pounds and made up of 80% water and 30% oxygen requires certain conditions such as deep breathing, exercise, sleeping at least 6- 8 hours as an adult and additional sleep time for children for necessary relaxed dreams to aid in healing. Eating healthy foods, and drinking enough water and avoiding toxic substances are all necessary for new branches to the nerve cells to form more connections. Recalling and recording pleasant learning experiences are also quite necessary for optimal health. That is why day dreaming and imagination and playtime are vital to our well-being.

Edith talks about the “PEP” program which is the abbreviation for “Positive Energy Power” and the “TNT” Energy Health Plan which stands for “Toxic Negative Thinking.” All experiences, positive or negative, from the first day of your life, to the last, are processed by your Brain, and stored in its Memory Data Bank. The benefits of the “PEP” or Yes, Yes, Yes program are the creation of hope, happiness, optimism, peace of mind, and enthusiasm. The “TNT” program or No, Not, and Never, lead to fear, anger, frustration, anxiety and sadness. The bottom line is saying, “Yes I can,” rather than,” No I can’t” has the potential to create an environment of energy reactions that bring smiles, success, health, and prosperity. Positive words and actions lead to feeling of love, hope and happiness, an optimistic attitude, kind winning words, and friendly actions that have the power to make you feel good inside and out. It also leads to high self- esteem, and then this is reflected by your voice sounding light, lively, cheerful, and soft. In contrast to these positive outcomes, the negative energy health plan “TNT” leads to feelings of fear, anger, sadness and emotional stress, a pessimistic attitude, unkind words, and unfriendly actions that cause painful problems, dysfunctional relationships, and low self-esteem. When you feel angry, sad or anxious your voice often changes and may sound low, gloomy and cheerless. Time to think of using words that create a positive outcome such as instead of unloving-loving, unsatisfactory- satisfactory, insecure- secure, intolerant- tolerant, insincere- sincere, inappropriate- appropriate, with the focus always on the desired behavior and little attention to negative events or behavior.

The consequences of intense prolonged stress caused by conflict and or negative people or situations, is a weak Immune System that lowers the body’s resistance to disease, an exhausted Endocrine System that loads your body with Stress hormones leading to pain, an overworked Sympathetic Nervous System that can cause excessive muscle tension and pain in face, neck, chest, back, arms, and legs. Also the Digestive System shut-down interferes with food absorption, causing depletion of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are essential for the formation of muscles, hormones bones, brain, and nerve cells.

Edith co-authored the book with Rita Kaufman, one of her students, who has added poems with a marvelous range of insightful topics such as Control, Thinking Through The Senses, Faith Hope and A Positive Thought, The Words Within, Staying In The Present, Planning For The New Day and other poems offering ways to improve daily life using positive thinking and making positive life choices.

It is necessary for each of us to feel all emotions, both positve and uplifting emotions, or negative emotions, but the choice to opt for appropritate words and thoughts that will and do remain imprinted in our brain and cells, is within our power. In discussing emotions such as anger, fear and saddness and the damaging effects to our health and quality of life, Edith and I have offered approaches for rethinking our present use of our thoughts, words, and actions which have a tremendous effect on everything and everyone. Recreating words and thoughts, so we may express more joy, love kindness, compassion and happiness will definitely shift the energy and outcomes in relationships, creating a healthier body and encouraging emotional and soul stability.

Words do have the power to heal or hurt, and to especially damage our most precious resources-the children who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Love them and reevaluate your own motives for saying or doing anything which can provoke fear or anger in another human being. The bottom line is “You Are Who You Think and Believe You Are!!” Therefore be kind to yourself and to those you love.Think proactively in all situations and not reactively. Build yourself, the people and the world around you in the brightest vision of Being what you are and always have been, an empowered and enlightened human being. Practice kind thinking, and ultimately, it will be the only way you can be seen.