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The Undiscovered Goddess

Michelle Colston

The Undiscovered Goddess – Goddess Detox Series: Mind Over Old Matter

Detox series? Yep. In light of all this talk about organizing my life and figuring out what it truly means to be a goddess, I’m cleaning house, listeners…and I’m starting with my head! For part one of my series, I talk about toxic thinking and old paradigms—flushing my mind of reoccurring thoughts that no longer serve my betterment. “I’m not good enough, smart enough, and people don’t like me.” Sound familiar? Well if you’re still telling yourself the same stories you were in high school, you need this as badly as I do. Grab your journal and join me this week as I talk to author and spiritual counselor, Shelly Smith. She’ll tell us where our thought patterns come from, how to identify the ones that hurt us, and what we can do to detox ourselves of them! In the with good, and all that…