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Today’s Parents – How To Raise A Stepfamily

Are you a stepmom or a stepdad?

Ever wondered what your role is in your stepfamily?

Or maybe you’re having issues creating a harmonious home life with your new blended family.

This week’s show is all about raising stepfamilies and blended families. Listen in as host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with Master Stepfamily Coach, Claudette Chenevert about:
• What it means to be a step-parent;
• What you should expect when entering a stepfamily;
• How to talk to your kids about having a stepmom or a stepdad;
• How to talk to your partner about their role as a stepmom or a stepdad;
• How to manage conflict between your children and their step-parent;
• What to do if your kids refuse to accept their stepmom or stepdad;
• What challenges blended families face and how to prepare for them.
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