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Talk for Food – The Geopolitics of Drones and Exopolitics of UFOs

First the “drone” subject was about killing “wayward” American citizens, without due process, on foreign soil. Is it any wonder that now the discussion has finally come around to the government’s “right” to target and kill American citizens at home? Let’s face it; drone attacks aren’t designed to give anything to anyone. They take: either information, or lives.

Adam asks, why are the “opinion makers” debating the legality of what is clearly, an inhumane act? It was “okay” when we did it, or do it to “foreigners” on foreign soil – people the policy makers claim are our enemies – but now that the same thinking is being has come home, what are you going to do?

Hint: Ponder the definition of the word “tyranny.”

In the great cacophony generated from the blowing sands of geopolitical opinion, a not-so-new form of consciousness continues to mature: that is, our awareness and acceptance of, and belief in life-forms and intelligences that are based somewhere or “somewhen” other than earth. Contacts with extra-terrestrial intelligences, or “ETs”, in all its many forms, is the central theme of the annual UFO Congress, which convened recently in Phoenix, Arizona.

Join Adam as he speaks with some of the fascinating people that he encountered at the 2013 event.

Jim Mann, MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network, engages in rational and science-based investigations of UFO sightings and activities.

Jeff Lieberman – Discovered, through a diagnostic technology available at the Congress, multiple implants in several parts of his body, one of which was actively transmitting data.

Eija Bodnar presents her Orgone generators, a technology developed by Wilhelm Reich, which nullify discordant and disruptive energy fields.

Stan Romanek – Author of several books (Messages, Answers, and The Orion Regressions), about his abduction experiences as part of a hybrid breeding program, discusses with Adam how he still marvels whether his experiences were real.

Tony Cisneros, Top Secret Tours – describes the unique and educational tour excursions that his company provides, with scientists (e.g., Stanton Friedman), researchers, and contactees (Travis Walton), to places like Roswell, NM, and Area 51 in Nevada.

Harry Drew, Top Secret Tours – describes one of the lesser known UFO encounters, when a fully intact, undamaged, space craft landed at Kingman, Arizona in 1953. This craft was taken to, and responsible for the development of the location now famously known as Area 51.

This is a show you’ve got to hear!

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