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Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Brain Fitness – How Smarter Thinking And Doing Can Save Your Brain

How often have you decided to start a new fitness regime – you’ve set your goals and throw yourself into getting fit. You totally focus on the physical aspects of your fitness – but have you ever considered how fit your brain is? Brain Fitness is about optimising your brain health and can result in increases in your efficiency, productivity and well being through better attention skills, improved memory and clarity of thinking even when under pressure.

Join host Shannon Bush as she talks with Dr Jenny Brockis, a former nurse and GP turned brain fitness consultant and author of Brain Fit! – How smarter thinking can save your brain. If you’re tired of feeling foggy, exhausted, forgetting things and know you are not working at your optimal capacity listen in and discover 4 areas you can look at right away to increase your brain fitness.

Jenny perceived the need for greater awareness and understanding of what our amazing brain is capable of and she acts as an interpreter to translate the complex neuroscience into practical applications that can make a positive difference to your work, your relationships and your well-being.

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