Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Tom Osborne-Principled Leader and Model of Consistency

The world of sports and overall certainly needs very good role models. Tom Osborne is one of them. In his role and responsibility as an athlete, husband and father, assistant and head football coach, U.S. Congressman, college professor, Athletic Director, with wife, Nancy, co-founder of the mentoring program-Teammates and community servant, Tom has consistently been a principled leader. As a leadership advisor, consultant and author myself, I know there are many markers that define excellence in leadership. However, the tap root starts and ends with people who are motivated on their own terms follow you because it feels as is the right thing to do. If those one leads really aren’t following a major disconnect exists.
Tom has passed that test at every turn including 9 years as assistant coach, 25 as head coach (84% win record 255-49-3 and three national championships) and 5+ years as AD. Show’s guests, Frank Solich* and Suzanne Hince**, Tom’s daughter, provide insights to how Tom’s successful brand of leadership has influence other way beyond the win-lose column. *Coach Solich was a Nebraska running back when Tom Osborne joined the coaching staff as an unpaid coaching assistant. He then coached 19 years as an assistant coach under Tom and six years as the Husker head coach before become Ohio U head coach in 2005. **Suzanne, Executive Director of Teammates Mentoring Program, will provide an overview of this extremely successful program that began in 1997 and today operates in 100 Nebraska and 10 Iowa communities. Jim Meier closes the show with A) a snapshot overview of his work with global leadership expert, Peter Koestenbaum ( and the use of the Leadership Diamond: Reality, Vision, Ethics, Courage, Greatness and Managing Ambiguity, and B) his thoughts about how Tom Osborne’s leadership foundation points overlay with the Leadership Diamond.