Living Green

Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Regenerative Design and the Ecology of Leadership

With James Stark and Katia Sol of the Regenerative Design Institute

Essential to our eco evolution as a society is our individual work: addressing the inner ecology of our psyche and sensibilities, as well as our approach out in the world designing resilient communities and fostering a regenerative human culture. James Stark, through his ongoing innovations in teaching permaculture and sustainable community practices, and Katia Sol, through her support of the Institute’s Ecology of Leadership program, are both actively transforming lives and building the ranks of evolutionaries who are participating in the “Great Turning.” This conversation reveals the cross-disciplinary applications of permaculture principles and the deeper awareness and respect of nature’s systems emerging worldwide. One of the key drivers of this change is education, as exemplified in the programs and courses offered by the Regenerative Design Institute. Consider this half hour program to be your introductory course.