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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Creative volunteering with bicycles – 03/11/13

On this week’s show, we explore all the ways bicycles and volunteers go together and it’s a great starting point for thinking about volunteer initiatives you might create to start your organization or new program. My guest is Tristan Dahn of the Philadelphia-based Energize, Inc., my favorite resource for leaders of volunteers.

Tristan describes how bicycle organizations and other nonprofits have tapped into volunteers as ambassadors, or to share their knowledge and skills, or to ride and raise money, or to provide hands on services. These volunteers are spreading the word and fulfilling the mission of organizations throughout the world.

Tristan manages Energize’s online bookstore and the “News in the Volunteer Field” blog. Prior to joining the staff, he worked for an independent book store and he currently is a volunteer leader of the nonprofit Books Through Bars in Philadelphia.

Thriving nonprofits regularly engage with and expand volunteer opportunities. So what can you do to inspire more and more volunteers to spread the word about and fulfill your organization’s mission? I hope you think about that as you listen to this week’s show.