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Parenting With Playdate Planet – How Working Parents Can Successfully Negotiate What They Want And Need From Their Employers

Would you like a higher salary, a longer maternity leave, or a more flexible work schedule? Most of us would scream yes to that! Our society has moved away from the traditional notion that dad’s job is to bring home the bacon and mom’s job is to fry it up in the pan (and feed it to junior in bite sized morsels). Many moms want a career and don’t want to stay at home full time. Other families need the dual income. And in some families, the husband is at home either by choice, because of the economy, or because mom’s job is better paying. No matter what choices working families make, everyone wants to optimize their work environment to best suit their own needs and that of the family. So how do we do that?

On this week’s show, I get expert advice from negotiating coach, Pat Katepoo. Pat is the founder of and and has helped numerous working moms and dads negotiate successful work arrangements with their employers. On this week’s show, you will learn (among other things!):

What types of flexible work options might be available to you

Why you should ask for more maternity leave and/or a flexible work arrangement even if your company does not have a formal policy

What to include in your proposal so that your employer is likely to say yes

Why women have a harder time asking for more money and better work arrangements than men

What the success rate is for those who ask

How telecommuting can actually benefit both employer and employee

What Pat thinks about the decision by Yahoo’s new CEO and new mom herself, Marissa Mayer, to mandate that all telecommuting employees return to the Yahoo office to work

I hope you will listen in to this important show that might put some extra money or time in your pocket! I’ll be telecommuting myself this week as I try to blog while on vacation in the Bahamas. If modern technology doesn’t fail me, I hope you will join me at the Parenting With Playdate Planet Blog to discuss how to make our work/life balance easier!