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Ripley Radio – Getting Lucky, Being Lucky & Lucky Charms

Lucky is the topic this week as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2013 on Ripley Radio, the official broadcast station of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Stacy Lee Goforth tells us that if you believe strongly enough, you can create your own luck and that virtually anything can be a lucky charm. Chad Lewis examines the “Luck of the Irish” and everything that goes along with it.

Other Strange and Wonderfully Weird Stories We Captured for the March 11 Episode include: A last wish of an 88-year old man was that his funeral procession drive through Burger King on the way to the cemetery for one last Whopper Junior; a high school graduation class of 1948 has plans to hold its 65th reunion – in a funeral home; was there a real St. Patrick and did he truly drive the snakes out of Ireland? We hear one theory; and the Irish rock group, The Saw Doctors, present D’ya Wanna Hear My Guitar? as this week’s musical egress.