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The Dog Connection

Annie Brody

The Dog Connection – What’s it like to be a dog?

Have you ever wanted to get inside of a dog’s mind, to know how he sees the world and what it really feels like to be a dog?

Loving dogs and trying to understand them without projecting human qualities on them, has been a frustrating dilemma for dog people since the beginning of our co-evolution with canines. In her best selling book Inside of a Dog, cognitive scientist and dog lover Alexandra Horowitz evokes the dog’s perspective using findings from the emerging science of dog cognition and perception. Listen to our conversation and take an imaginative, yet scientifically accurate, leap into the inside of a dog. Become a “dogologist” by observing your dog like a field scientist would–and you will discover the amazing animal he is.

“The world is smell; it is close to the ground; it either fits in the mouth or it doesn’t; it is in the moment, it is full of details, fleeting and fast; it is written all over their faces. Moving things are more interesting that still ones. It is probably nothing like what is like to be us” —Inside of a Dog : What dogs see, smell,l and know by Alexandra Horowitz (Scribner, 2009). Director of the Horowitz Dog Cognition Laboratory.