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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Achieving Clarity of Consciousness

Today, an unseen debate is taking place between the matter-first worldview of modern science, and the consciousness-first worldview of spirituality. What makes the debate interesting, however, is that many scientists, including some of the founders of quantum theory, also adopt a consciousness-first mindset. As Erwin Schroedinger, the winner of the 1933 Nobel prize in physics and the discoverer of the famous wave equation of quantum physics, said, for example, “if all events took place in one consciousness, the whole situation would be extremely simple.” So if consciousness is in fact the fundamental reality, then it would help if we achieved greater clarity in our awareness; a better understanding of what the world is. This week’s guest, Kala del Sol, the author of Vision of Beauty: Living in the Clarity of Consciousness, joins Philip Mereton from the Spanish island of Ibiza to talk about the simple steps involved in clearing our self-imposed mental fog and living, as she says, from the heart.