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Hope, Healing and WellBeing – The Confident Introvert with Lynette Crane

Lynette Crane discusses her new book, The Confident Introvert: Gain Skills to Overcome Shyness and Low Self Esteem. As the survivor of a heart attack, Lynette has become an expert on reducing stress. So she begins by discussing the connection between stress and introversion. She now is committed to helping others increase their self esteem as an introvert. She begins by discussing the difference between extroverts and introverts. For example, extroverts need outside stimulation while introverts are drained by too much stimulation. Introverts are often compared unfavorably with extroverts so feel something is wrong, then withdraw. Parents can help their introverted children by recognizing that their child needs to withdraw and do quieter activities to “recharge their battery.” They should never call a child “shy” because it’s an embarrassing label.

Lynette shares some of the many positive qualities of introverts, including their ability to listen well, think deeply, and many introverts become very effective and creative leaders. She describes self esteem, in part, as self-efficacy, the confidence of knowing that you will find the solution to a problem. Lynette also shares helpful tips from her “Confident Introvert Program”, including ones that help both introverts and extroverts understand each other. For example, introverts can learn how to ask questions and encourage others to talk about themselves. She also gives advice for effectively managing introverted employees. Extroverts need to understand that introverts need time to think before answering a question, so it’s helpful to provide an agenda to prepare for upcoming meetings. For more information, please visit