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Troubled Teens: THE FIX

Dr. John Mayer

Troubled Teens: THE FIX – Beiber-Gomez-Spears-Lohan-Cyrus: The Teen Doc puts fallen teen angels on the couch.

Inspired by an article by Jon Caramanica of the New York Times published on March 10, 2013, Dr. Mayer puts ‘on the couch’ several of the teen celebrities who have been in the news recently for self-destructive behavior. He explains why these teen celebrities seem doomed to follow this path of self-destruction, the causes behind their troubled state and lessons for all parents to be learned from these dramatic examples. Dr. Mayer also gives positive examples of Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake as teen stars that have avoided this destructive path. They are proof that being a teenager and in particular a famous teenager doesn’t mandate acting-out and rebellion.