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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Where is the Spirit of the Law?

Colorado is officially an occupied territory. Political Agenda and Gun Grabber mental midgets have forced their feel good propaganda onto the people of Colorado whose voices where ignored. So poorly written are these bills that some of our very own County Sheriffs are said to be mounting a law suit against the Bills as we speak for violating our 2nd and 14th Amendment rights. It’s incredibly laughable; it’s embarrassing for our State, and humiliating I would think for the Authors of these useless Bills. Several Sheriffs have outright stated they will not enforce the new laws. The Bills are so poorly written our Governor is asking help interpreting them and has asked for the Dept of Public Safety to rule on what it means and how to enforce it now that he has signed them.

So how would a street cop ever enforce these new laws?

Well let’s ask.

Hear my interview with a sworn active duty Colorado Peace Officer. He has a full career of enforcing State of Colorado laws and he will be asked to enforce these new laws. Let’s ask him what it’s going to look like on the streets.

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