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Mark Spivak

Quench! – Scott Schiller and the Legacy of Joe Danno

Most of the time, the neighborhood watering hole is far more than a bar: It’s a place for conversation, connection and therapy, a location that knits a community together. For 35 years, Joe Danno’s Bucket O’Suds in Chicago was all those things and more. Danno was one of the legendary barmen of 20th century America, in addition to being a distiller who developed recipes for 80 proprietary liqueurs and a collector who amassed the greatest assembly of pre-Prohibition spirits in the land. Mark speaks with Scott Schiller, Joe Danno’s grandson and a fifth-generation distiller, who is now using that legacy to help entrepreneurs market their spirits through his company, Thoroughbred Brands. During Bizarre Beverage News, Mark explores the parallel story of the decline of the British pub, and what’s being done in that country to revive the institution.
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