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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – How To Get Over A Breakup or Avoid One, Even After An Affair

Find out how to prevent or recover from affairs, heal heartbreak, detect lies, date to find love as Psychiatrist, Dr. Ishmael Major chats with host Hadley Finch, author, creator of Love Matches.

Why does America have the highest divorce rate in the world? Why do millions of divorcing couples create heartache in themselves and their loved ones?

“Because we lack the love skills needed to overcome challenges, repair relationships even after affairs, and create a lasting love,” says host, Hadley Finch.

What do you need to learn when it comes to love skills? How do you avoid dating and relationship minefields, repair relationship issues and experience a lasting love?

Get the answers from Hadley Finch, aka America’s Love Guide, who had learned how to date and love again after her happy marriage ended tragically. Now she helps others heal heartache over lost love and get ready to love again, like it’s the first time.

You’re about to discover exciting love skills you need to get over a breakup or avoid one, even after an affair tears you apart, as Hadley chats with Dr. Ishmael Major.

Dr. Ish is a board-certified psychiatrist and infidelity expert who’s helped thousands of men and women find love and find happiness in their relationships. He wrote the book, Little White Whys – A Woman’s Guide Through The Lies Men Tell and Why.

You’ll see why Dr. Ish is a popular guest in radio and TV shows as he and Hadley reveal love secrets and strategies that help you:

* repair a relationship after an affair using the same secret to prevent infidelity
* recover from the devastating pain of a breakup
* understand different agendas men and women have when it comes to love and sex
* detect lies told by someone you’re dating or you love
* develop 4 qualities that make women irresistible to men and vice versa
* decide the best timing to introduce sex in a dating relationship
* know if/when a woman should make the first move if she wants undying passion and love

Listen carefully to find out the love skills you need to get all the passion, intimacy, romance, and lasting love you deserve.

Get the great love and happiness you deserve,