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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Healing Hearts: Positive Grief Recovery For Kids (Big And Small)

Grief can be a mysterious thing. It comes in all sorts of forms, in many different shapes and sizes and affects each and every one of us at some time in our lives. For some of us grief can be a continual presence and have a destructive impact. Grief is not something a lot of people are happy or comfortable talking about – but grief recovery can be a very positive, healing, nurturing experience as you will discover as host Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach, chats with author Niki Burton, a passionate mother of 4 children who is on a mission to help to heal hearts that have experienced grief with her pure hearts kids book series.
Niki has fulfilled her limitless life dream of creating a comprehensive collection of resources and information specifically designed to assist others through their grieving process became a reality. She is now helping to heal hearts and provide individuals, families, organisations and professionals with the resources to do the same. This episode is a refreshing look at grief and Niki shares some great tips for helping the children in your life (big and small) to work through grief and heal their hearts.
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