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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Hard Choices–Making Tough Decisions About Elder Care and Those We Love

It’s difficult to watch our parents age and lose their independence, espcially when we know they won’t live forever. What happens when a parent shouldn’t live alone, or is unsafe to drive? Diane Keefe joins Family Connections to discuss how to intervene when parents are no longer able to remain in their own home, care for themselves, or are experiencing failing health. Diane is an elder care advocate and has a wealth of knowledge regarding elder care and geriatric issues. Listeners will get advice for choosing and placing parents in nursing homes, and related financial decisions. She’ll discuss the necessary legal documents essential to caring for an aging loved one, such as a medical power of attorney and an advanced directive. The author of Blueprint for Care: A Practical Guide to Managing Care for Your Loved One, Diane is both informative and compassionate, and helps illuminate a topic that’s easy to deny, but impossible to avoid.