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Getting Relationships Right

Ron Capocelli

Getting Relationships Right – Authenticity & Building Mutually Satisfying & Empowering Relationships

Today’s show: ‘Authenticity & Building Mutually Satisfying & Empowering Relationships’, will focus on how striving to be fully authentic supports relationships that are both mutually fulfilling and mutually empowering. Below are tow blog posts on effective, sensitive communication.

If you want to be loved for who you are, then you need to be willing to fully show up as the person you are.

This is because intimate relationships require trust and trust is largely based on honesty and integrity.

Building and nurturing committed, mutually satisfying and mutually empowering intimate relationships requires being willing to be fully seen for all that we are.

This is often called being authentic.

“Speak YOUR Truth- Shine YOUR Light.”

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