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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Dangers in the World – Age Appropriate Discussions on Violence

I still have not heard a single realistic solution by any politician in this debate about “gun violence”. The stuffed suits & wind bags punting political agenda along party lines in this debate are using child victims as cover. They are not educating themselves about the real issues in detail or offering practical solutions. The feel good, do something fast mentality is just fancy window dressing.
Our children are being placed in the cross hairs of this debate by politicians. Our children are being used by gun grabber agendas who want to pull at our heart strings and fan the flames of emotion. Parents have a role in the conversation and are necessary for getting practical solutions.
How do we address the questions about our children’s safety?
How do we educate our children to prepare for violence if it ever arrives in their school?
Joining me in this discussion about what we are saying to our youth and what we are doing in our schools to prevent or preempt violence upon our treasured youth is Valarie Van Brocklin.
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