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Parenting With Playdate Planet

Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – Do Parents Really Matter?

This week’s fascinating show may fundamentally change how you look at parenting. I talk with economist, writer, and father of four, Bryan Caplan, about the impact of parenting on the long term outcome of our kids. Bryan says the science is clear: kids are basically genetically pre-programmed to turn out a certain way; the influence we have as parents is minimal at best. Our parenting efforts don’t influence our kids’ future health, religious practice, financial success, self-esteem, or even their likelihood of engaging in criminal conduct! Yet, he thinks we shouldn’t despair. Rather, we should take solace in the fact that we don’t need to make parenting such a chore because what we do for our kids is largely irrelevant to the persons they are going to be. Instead, he recommends that parents cut themselves some slack, relax, and make sure that we and our children enjoy their childhood.

Listen in to understand the research that supports Bryan’s thought provoking position. You can also get the full scoop in Bryan’s new book, SELFISH REASONS TO HAVE MORE KIDS Why Being a Great Parent Is Less Work And More Fun Than You Think. I’ll be blogging about what this means for our role as parents on the Parenting With Playdate Planet Blog so be sure to join me there for a fun and engaging conversation.

This show also includes a special action tip from financial expert and former guest, Neale Godfrey. She tell us why it is important to understand whether your child was born a spender or a saver. Click here to take the free quiz on Neale’s website to find out what kind of child you have, and then tune in to learn how to adjust your parenting to help guide your spender or saver into becoming a financially responsible and healthy adult.