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Paul LeJoy and Kimberly Reed, CDP

Wealth Solutions – Become What You Believe: How to Get to the Top and Achieve Your Dreams

Do you have the passion and the drive but just don’t know what steps to take to propel your career to the next level? Global Senior Executive at Dell and bestselling author Fenorris Pearson has the answers. Passionate about helping others and giving back, Fenorris shares his tips for success in his book, “How to Play the Game at the Top: The 9 Rules for Consummate Corporate Effectiveness.” No matter where you are in your career – just starting out or already an executive – you need to bring your A game and Fenorris will tell you how to do exactly that. Fenorris also will let you in on a little secret: you and no one else can control what you make of yourself. Join Paul LeJoy and his co-host Kim Reed as they talk with Fenorris Pearson about achieving your dreams and Fenorris’ latest project, Fenorris Pearson, LLC, a Human Resource Consulting Service focused on “Providing Performance Solutions.”