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Paul LeJoy and Kimberly Reed, CDP


Have you ever attended a self-help seminar, was inspired to change your life, but on the way home lost your mojo so fast it made your head spin? Do you have a pile of how-to guides on your bookshelf but have no clue how to take your business to the next level? Paul LeJoy and his cohost Kim Reed will tell you how to turn your vision into solid action plans, often the missing ingredient in the recipe for success. This week, they examine hot-button issues affecting business owners and interview Arthur Wylie, CEO of Arthur Wylie Enterprises and author of “Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big.” Wylie, whose ventures started out in his dorm room and earned him millions by age 26, defies conventional wisdom and reinvents the wheel, over and over again. He shares insights about his own crazy, fearless journey to making multiple millions in various business ventures. Listen in to Wylie’s execution plan so you learn how to take one step closer to accomplishing your own goals, and win big!