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Paul LeJoy and Kimberly Reed, CDP

Wealth Solutions – “S is for Success & Spouse: How to Reach Your Goals & Keep Your Marriage”

We all love a good love story. We also love to check out Forbes’ annual rankings of Power Couples. It’s an interesting phenomenon to witness couples strive and thrive in that coveted network of trust. Ellen Schak – one half of the CEO Couple – shares her story of building her marriage to her husband Ed while building three successful companies together. If you’re juggling roles at home and at work and your life is beginning to spin out of control, Ellen will share what she and Ed learned about balancing family, marriage, and business, that enviable equation for success. Join Paul LeJoy and his co-host Kim Reed as they talk with Ellen Schak about reaching goals, one step at a time, mustering the courage to step out your comfort zone and try something new, and learning the beauty in accepting when things may not go as planned. Because on the other side, she says, is a lifetime of success and wonderful memories.