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Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair

Ace Abbott’s Aviation Affair – Denzel Washington in Flight: Critique and Evaluation

The movie flight, starring Denzel Washington was a multi-themed trip into aviation realism that ventured far beyond the scintillating 20 minute flight for which the movie was named. As one might expect a veteran airline pilot can find many implausible scenarios regarding this ill-fated flight. Nonetheless, the flight did exhibit a considerable amount of realism. However, the primary theme of this movie was not about aviation.
It was a multi-themed movie filled with subtle nuance, a plethora of pathos and poignancy, with particular emphasis on the ugly reality of substance abuse. It also takes a look at spirituality as the premise of “God’s will,” often becomes a subtle background issue. Today’s program will be a discussion/critique of this movie by this two veteran airline pilots.