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Elaine K. Sanchez

Caregiver Help Radio – Corporate Help for Caregivers

Sixty-five million Americans are providing unpaid care for aging, chronically ill, and disabled loved ones. One in six people (approximately 10.8 million caregivers) are working full or part time. Imagine you’re at work and the phone rings. You learn that your father has had a stroke, or your mother has fallen and broken a hip. What’s your first move? How do you decide what needs to be done? Where do you turn if you’re told your mother will not be able to care for herself after she’s dismissed from the hospital? How would you find someone to care for her at home? What if your dad needed to go into rehab, assisted living, or nursing care? Would you know which facility will best meet his needs? Scary, isn’t it? The need for caregiver support has never been greater, and although there’s a long way to go, corporate America is beginning to recognize that need and provide plans that help their employees and customers manage these incredibly difficult challenges. Imagine being able to call your HR department, your bank, or insurance agent and saying, “Something has happened, and I need help caring for one of my parents. Can you put me in touch with someone with our caregiver support program so they can guide me through this?” Join us as we talk with Robert O’Toole, Founder and CEO of, a company that helps organizations support their employees and customers in accessing the right kind of help to mange emergencies as well as the needs of those who are experiencing long-term, progressive and degenerative diseases.