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Getting Relationships Right

Ron Capocelli

Getting Relationships Right – Loving Who & What YOU See in the Mirror

Today’s show: Loving Who & What YOU See in the Mirror, will focus on how to transforming negative, self-defeating judgments about our physical appearance into positive, empowering beliefs that can literally transform our lives.

The self-confidence that derives from a deep and authentic appreciation of our selves as human beings is a powerful magnet for interpersonal connection and positive, timely opportunity.

I have often referred to this deep level of self-appreciation as ‘the honey that attracts the bees’.

This is because self-love radiates out from us in all directions and attracts other humans to ‘connect with us’ in positive, mutually empowering and beneficial ways.

Feeling great about yourself and what you bring as a human being, is your birth right.

You can wake up every morning feeling good about you and all that you bring to the world.

Be sure to listen to today’s show to get some important tips on how you can develop a more positive, empowering image of yourself!

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