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Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief

Darcie D. Sims, Ph.D., CHT, CT, GMS

Good Mourning: The Many Faces of Grief – A Visit with a Grief Pioneer: Earl Grollman

Grief is universal. It is the one language that all human beings understand. Yet, Americans are still one of the most death denying cultures in the world. It has only been within the past 50 years or so, that the United States has begun to publicly acknowledge this most human of emotions. Join me as we talk with Dr. Earl Grollman, one of the early pioneers in the world of grief and bereavement in this country. He is the author of twenty-seven books, with more than half a million in print. One of the most beloved world authorities on grief, Dr. Earl will share his thoughts and wisdom from more than 30 years of walking with the bereaved. You can find Dr. Earl’s books at Please send your thoughts, comments, or suggestions to us at, or visit our website at