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Elaine K. Sanchez

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No one likes to think about disability and death. When it comes to making decisions about end-of-life care or about the distribution of worldly possessions – nothing is fun. That’s why so many people avoid making plans and end up hoping that things will just work out.

Here’s the bad news – NOTHING about end-of-life planning or the distribution of a person’s money and personal property ever just works out. The process of making end-of-life plans is expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally exhausting. There’s only one reason to push through your emotional discomfort and pay an attorney to develop your end-of-life planning documents. And that reason is to avoid the emotional devastation and financial disaster your family could suffer if you don’t do it.

Join us as we talk to Mark M Williams , an elder law attorney with the law firm Gaydos, Churnside & Balthrop, in Eugene, OR. We discuss the must have end-of-life documents, including wills and Advance Directives. We also talk about who gets to make decisions regarding the management of our finances, healthcare, and intimate relationships if we reach a point where we can no longer make those decisions on our own.