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Clutter Breakthrough – Stress Related Diseases – What’s Your Body Telling You

Healer, Teacher, Entrepreneur – Jolina Karen teaches you how to uncover the hidden function in your dysfunction. She translates the messages your body is trying to tell you with illness, stress or other symptoms and helps you take the action necessary to feel better and thrive. She says, “Everything in the external world reflects what is going on in our internal worlds. Our diseases, relationship conflicts and personal struggles show us where we’re playing small, giving away our power and not fully honoring ourselves. As such, they are powerful messengers and gateways to personal growth and more purposeful living.”

Nearly 20 years ago she watched helplessly as her mother battled cancer. If there was a therapy out there, her mother tried it. She lost. When Jolina found a tumor in her own breast she took a different approach. The tumor disappeared. Today she guides her clients to a deep appreciation for what is really going on in their health or relationship challenges, so they can free themselves from the drama and activate their powerful healer within. She helps her clients to access their own extra-ordinary internal genius and make themselves whole through her transformational 5-step process: Awakening GRACE™.