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Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life

Shannon Bush

Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life – Journey To Abundance: How To Create More Money And Freedom

Let’s face it – we all believe we could do with more abundance in our lives and many of us will openly admit we’d like more financial abundance and freedom. I know it’s something I hear regularly – “If I only had more money I could…” followed by a whole list of interesting statements such as buy a bigger house, go on a holiday, retire, start a business, do that course….
Join host Shannon Bush, the Creative Possibility Coach as she chats with Susan Broughton from Journey to Abundance and together they delve into money in a big abundant way! You’ll learn about the mistakes women (and men) make with money and the 3 principles you need to adopt to create a purposefully abundant life – a limitless life at that. You’ll also find out how to get copies of powerful tools Susan has created to help you slay your money dragons.
Susan refers to herself as a Recovering Financial Planner having “escaped” the corporate world of financial services. Drawing on her background as a financial planner as well as her personal and professional experiences in helping herself and others transform their relationship with money by looking at and getting honest about what is really going on in their financial reality and how this relates to all of life.
Susan’s early childhood experiences and later life experiences drive her passion for helping women to empower themselves on all levels. She is dedicated to helping women to empower themselves financially as a basis for empowerment in all aspects of their lives
Discover today how you can have Shannon personal support to create your own limitless life