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Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Exploring Gender Mysteries – Money Management the Second Time Around

Marriage is the one human institution that we keep believing in even after divorce. Second or third marriages are more complicated than first marriages, because of money management issues.
Couples struggle with conflicts “of what-is-mine” and “what-is-yours”. Does my money belong to me or my children? If one partner has more money than the other, how do they manage their financial imbalance?
Money management can cause distrust if it is not discussed. To help you resolve money management the second time around, I invited Eileen Cioe as my guest. Listen to her advice, so you can build trust with the person you love the most.
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Follow-up summary of the show:
Marriage the second-time around can benefit from professional help. An experienced financial planner and therapist can help couples deal with the non-traditional challenges that face second or third marriages.
Love is endangered when financial trust is not established.
Listen and learn!