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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Breast enhancement surgery: latest news from Dr Lycka & Dr Schaffner

Breast enhancement surgery, breast augmentation, ‘a boob job’. Regardless of what you call the procedure, it continues to maintain its popularity as one of the top 3 cosmetic procedures chosen by women. If you are considering breast implant surgery, there is a lot of information and conflicting advice to sift through. How can you feel confident you are making the right choice? To explain the current best practise for breast enhancement surgery, this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, Dr Barry Lycka welcomes once again, a renowned expert on breast augmentation surgery, Manhattan-based Dr Adam Schaffner. Not only does Dr Schaffner explain the recent PIP breast implant problems in Europe, but he clarifies the facts on the use of different types of breast implants and provides a clear overview of current best practise and the latest techniques, including the growing trend of using fat transfer for breast augmentation.

Download the Show Notes here for the detailed content of this interview in PDF format.