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Parenting With Playdate Planet – What You Need to Know About Transgender Kids

What if your darling little girl wants nothing more than to be a boy or your son insists on wearing dresses to kindergarten? What does it mean to be a transgender person, how do you respond if your child wants to transition to the opposite gender, and where do you turn for advice if your family is struggling with this challenge? What if your daughter’s best female friend was born a boy or her first boyfriend was born a girl? Times are changing and transgender children and adults are coming out more publicly. Even if your child, like most kids, doesn’t face this challenge, we all need to better understand how to handle the evolution of more fluid gender roles. On this week’s show, I speak with special guests Rachel Pepper and Kellen Bennet. Rachel is an award-winning journalist and counselor who speaks extensively on this topic. She is also the editor of Transitions of the Heart: Stories of Love, Struggle and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Children and the co-author of The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. Kellen is a transgender male and psychologist who works with children and adults regarding a host of gender issues as well as others. Make sure to listen and then join me to discuss on the Parenting With Playdate Planet Blog.