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Today’s Parents – What Role Grandparents Play In Your Child’s Life

Are your children close to their grandparents?
Do you sometimes rely on your in-laws or parents to look after the kids? If so, does this put a strain on your relationship with them when you disagree with how they are raising your child?

What exactly do grandparents do? Are they the default babysitters or are they much more than that?

In this week’s show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks to a medical doctor of over 30 years who co-wrote the book The Grandparents’ Handbook, Dr. Trevor Campbell on all things grandparents-related.

Listen in as they discuss:
• What role grandparents play in the family and why it is important;
• Whether the societal norm that grandparents are meant to spoil the grandchildren is helpful to the family;
• What parents should do if the grandparents have problems like addiction or anger issues that may be harmful to the grandchildren;
• What to do if you have a strained relationship with your parents that may affect your children’s relationship with their grandparents;
• Whether technological advances have created a relationship gap between grandparents and grandchildren, and how that can be addressed;
• Getting grandparents to help caring with your child: where to draw the line between parenting and grandparenting.
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