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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Where is the Ammunition? An Interview with CorBon

You can’t hardly find ammunition ANYWHERE. I hear of people lining up every morning at sporting goods stores to see if they stocked any new product overnight and to be the first inside to grab it. They are religiously doing this to get any kind of ammo at all. I have personally seen the shelves of several huge national chains that are bare boned of any common caliber of ammo. We are hard pressed to know when the next pallet of product will arrive at our store with ammunition for our customers. We are left rationing ammo to clients who buy guns and we are scrambling for clients to find anything we can for them to help them out. I am cashing in as many favors as I can to help customers & clients. You’re going to hear it’s an issue of components and parts for the ammunition makers.

I wanted to know more about this ammunition situation. Just so happens I know a great ammunition manufacturer and career Law Enforcement professional who might have some answers for us or at least help us understand the craziness that’s occurring right now.

Peter Pi, President & CEO of CorBon/Glaser Products. Peter graduated the Police Academy in Michigan in 1982 and he started CorBon the same year. He has maintained a dual career for over three decades and to this day serves as an active duty Police Officer with Sturgis Police Dept in SD. He is a Co-Founding member of the Sturgis SWAT Team and has an extensive background in SWAT Training & Tactics and June of 2011 Peter opened the CorBon Law Enforcement Training Center. In his spare time he has hunted Big Game all over the world such as Africa, Alaska, Canada, and all the Rocky Mountain States. CorBon builds a variety of loads for specific various real life situations. Some loads include: Conventional Hollow Points, DPX Solid Copper Hollow Points, Glaser Safety Slugs, DPX Rifle Hunter Ammo, Expedition Hunter Ammo, Performance Match Line, and Handgun Hunting Line. His quest for having the right ammo for the right job has been his career long passion and why CorBon has the reputation it does.

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