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Prosper Now! – Got Social KIout?

Never mind lions and tigers and bears, oh my! In today’s world, it’s websites and media and marketing, oh my!! Navigating all the new ways of doing business can be completely overwhelming for business owners and professionals alike. Did you know that your Klout score (never heard of it before) can actually impact your business and your ability to get that new job, as well as lead to free meals and hotel rooms?!? Me neither, but today’s guest, Miriam Slozberg, will show you how to use this score to improve your business, get that job, and enjoy free goodies. She is the owner of Gemini Rising Ltd, an online marketing firm that specializes in helping you achieve that higher Klout score, and she’s the author of the new eBook The Secrets to High Social Media Rankings: How to Get Klout.

Join us to discover how getting Klout will make a difference in your life.