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Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Eco-Psychology and Plant Teachers: Ralph Metzner’s Green Earth Vision With Ralph Metzner of Green Earth Foundation

At the core of consciousness researcher and pioneering psychologist Ralph Metzner’s work is an attempt to understand our eco-psychology: how we as human beings relate to the natural world. Recorded at the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies conference in Oakland, California (the annual gathering of scientific research on the healing and psychological effects of entheogenic and psychedelic agents found in nature) this Earth Day 2013 edition of Eco Evolution is a wide-ranging conversation with one of the most informed minds on the human condition, and potential. Topics include Metzner’s work with Theodore Roszak launching the field of eco-psychology and the Green Earth Foundation as a clearinghouse, deep ecology, plants as healing agents and “teachers”, shamanism, cannabis and entheogens used for veteran’s post traumatic stress syndrome, bio-regionalism, community currencies and banking systems, the role of media in our eco evolution, and more. Underlying this conversation is a deepening awareness in our collective psyche that we are out of balance with the divine, and that this divinity reveals itself in the loving intelligence of the living planet in which we are embedded.