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Ripley Radio – Rocks that Move, an Honest Thief & a UFO Festival

We begin a series of reports this week on the unbelievable, unusual and strange aspects of our US National Parks. Author Mike Oswald kicks the series off by revealing the one park that is many things – below sea level, the hottest, driest AND largest, and is the only place where one can go to see rocks that move by themselves! Chad Lewis returns to talk about one of the wackiest of all summer festivals, the UFO Festival in New Mexico. It’s one of this road warrior’s favorites.

Other Strange, Weird and Unbelievable Stories we captured for the April 22 episode of Ripley Radio, the official radio partner of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! include: Ralf “with an F” reports on a thief in Michigan who returned money he stole, plus interest – 30 years later; Mark Stevens of Topps Sports & Entertainment talks about the unveiling of the world’s largest baseball card in Florida; the Ghoul School’s Barry Anderson recalls the day he was nearly arrested for transporting what appeared to be a decapitated body; Actor J Larose explains the sometimes painful process of having prosthetics applied in makeup prior to a horror film shoot; and The Reason provides our musical egress this week with Drive Me Home.