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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – Today! Home Buyer Education is Critical to Your Overall Financial Fitness…

Are you fed up with the credit crisis? Does your financial life feel totally out of control? When you begin to think about buying a home or getting a mortgage, do the stories you hear from friends, family, or the media leave you feeling confused, frustrated, and not sure where to turn? Today’s NEW mortgage environment can be overwhelming and leave you feeling completely lost, but it doesn’t have to be that way and education is the key! Take back your control and the dream of homeownership can be yours, while saving time, money, and stress throughout the process!

There are many educational formats available to consumers today looking for home buyer/homeowner education. Programs ranging from private one-to-one coaching, group classes, workshops, financial assistance programs, foreclosure avoidance and modification help, and on-line programs and coaching like I offer. It’s important to do your research and get to work on accomplishing your goals while interest rates are still at record lows.

Join me today, as my guest, Yolanda Vanderpool, Homeownership Coordinator, with Home Source of Neighbor Impact and I discuss the no-cost services and education that is available through this wonderful, non-profit program. I was amazed at all they have to offer and I”m proud to help share in their mission.