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Time Management Radio – Kelli Wilson: Clutter Breakthrough Expert with Tips for Clearing the Mental Clutter

If you allow your mind to run your life without stopping to question if your thoughts are helping you accomplish your goals, you may be living with mental clutter. You might not realize the impact mental clutter has on your ability to get things done. Nothing is ever accomplished without a prior thought and if your thoughts aren’t clear and focused on your goals, you waste valuable time and your productivity is diminished.

My guest today is clutter breakthrough expert, Kelli Wilson. Our conversation focuses on how to recognize and clear the mental clutter so you can have greater clarity, focus, peace of mind and live a more purposeful, productive life.
• We discuss some of the symptoms and causes of mental clutter and how this type of clutter keeps us disorganized and disconnected from living our lives.
• We talk about the connection between mental clutter, physical clutter and disorganization.
• The downside to living with mental clutter and the biggest obstacles to clearing clutter.
• We discuss some easy tips to De clutter, the steps to attaining mental clarity and focus and for getting our thoughts organized and back on track.

Recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Kelli Wilson is a nationally recognized expert in the area of clutter and disorganization. She’s the author of The Clutter Breakthrough—Your five Step Solution to Freedom from Clutter Forever. Endorsed by Peter Walsh, Oprah’s Organizer, The Clutter Breakthrough takes you on a journey through your mental, physical and spiritual clutter and brings you out the other side enlightened and less cluttered.
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