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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

See why we love people who hurt us and how to improve difficult relationships or attract a happy love match as Ross Rosenberg chats with host Hadley Finch, author, creator Love Matches.

Today discover how understanding your personality traits can turn your unhappy love story into a true love story.

A woman going through her 4th divorce told Hadley that she wanted help picking a new husband, since she keeps choosing men who lie or cheat or rack up gambling debts, and they hide this till after they’re married.

She’s only one of many people who are irresistibly drawn, by what seems like an invisible magnetic force, to someone who’ll hurt them.

Find out how couples can improve difficult relationships and dating singles can use your magnetic force to stop choosing dysfunctional partners who will hurt you and start attracting love matches who’ll love you the way you desire and deserve during Hadley’s conversation with Ross Rosenberg.

Ross is a veteran psychotherapist who wrote the new book, The Human Magnet Syndrome – Why We Love People Who Hurt Us.

In this compelling, 30-minute conversation between two top love guides, you discover:

* why emotional givers and takers are magnetically attracted to each other;
* how to improve interactions with narcissists, emotional manipulators;
* why awareness isn’t enough to heal your childhood traumas that sabotage adult relationships until you use one additional love tool;
* why limerance may attract a soulmate who becomes your cellmate and how to avoid it;
* how to recognize signs you may be dating or loving someone with dysfunctional personality traits that guarantee conflict, chaos, misery;
* which personality traits make the best love matches;
* how dating singles attract a healthy, happy love match, who won’t break your heart.

If you’ve had problems picking your best relationship partner, or if you’ve struggled to get along with a difficult spouse, you can change that as soon as you start using the love skills you get from human magnet expert, Ross Rosenberg, and America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch, creator and Love Matches.