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Paul LeJoy and Kimberly Reed, CDP

Wealth Solutions – Why Working Together Really is a Win-Win

Guest: Berny Dohrmann, capital strategist

Description: Gone are the days when greed was good and everyone was out for themselves. In today’s challenging business and economic climate, collaboration is the key to success. There’s room at the top for everybody and the best way to get there is together. Join Paul LeJoy and his co-host Kim Reed as they talk with Berny Dohrmann about strategies to unlock and thrive in the new economy, infusing a social conscious approach in developing economic systems, and how by getting CEOs to collaborate, the economy will grow faster, more jobs will be created, and America’s best days will be ahead.

Good points: Paul and Kim are energetic as usual! Only thing is when Paul get very excited and fired up, he talks VERY fast.

Paul does a great job setting the scene in Jacksonville. He talked about first arriving at the airport and meeting a woman who asked what he did/can she start her own business. He also painted a good scene of the Days Inn he stayed in.

Needs work: In the middle of one of Paul’s stories, Kim interrupts and talks about how they had to move the interview with Berny up (due to a flight) and we’d continue to hear about Paul’s adventures afterwards. Was this told to Paul before the show? It felt like he wasn’t told this before the show — if this is the case, why not?? Does he not get involved with any show prep, is Kim in charge of all of that? I’ve sort of felt this way about the interviews — Kim seems to be more prepared with more background info than Paul does. In the age of email and constantly being connected to everyone and everything, I feel like there is no excuse for any of this.

During the interview, they talk about CEO Space — Kim is asking the question and says, “Tell us about CEO Spaces — Paul’s even gone” something to that extent…I feel like it should be Paul addressing that: “I’ve been to this amazing event, can you tell our listeners about CEO Spaces?”

I feel like Paul sort of checks out for the interviews and leaves it to Kim…possibly for reasons I listed above about show prep.