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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Awaken Your Brain and Your Life!

This week’s episode on Family Connections is a great wake up call to embracing one’s life! Dr. Jeff Skolnick shows us how to reduce stress and become more aware of ourselves. If you feel like you’re going through the motions of living life, and not getting the most out of each moment, Dr. Skolnick will show you how to become more centered, grounded, and aware of your feelings and intuition, while becoming more connected to your body. He’ll demonstrate simple exercises that enhance clarity and focus–exercises you can do at home or work–and it takes little time to feel better! The author of Awaken Your Brain: Coming Alive to Vibrant Well-Being and New Reality, Dr. Skolnick is a Zen practitioner and director of SatoriWest. If you’re looking for a show that will make you feel calm and joyful in each moment, this is it!