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Embrace Your Vision

Judy Redlich

Embrace Your Vision – Hope remains even when your life seems like it’s falling apart

How do you keep from falling into despair when pain and suffering weighs so heavily upon you? How can you put your life together again after a disappointment or shattered relationship? Author Margaret Wills has been there.

Today on Embrace Your Vision, Judy Redlich introduces you to Margaret, author of “Pressing into thin Places” information in today’s show could change the way you look at the disappointments you’ve had in life. Maybe Margaret’s insights will help you “move out of your stuck place”.

Judy also shares another adventure with her seeing eye dog, and talks about challenges she’s faced recently that were enough to try and dampen her hopes. After listening to the show, send her an email with your insights on questions she asks you.jredlichspeaks@att.net