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Dõv Baron

Full Monty Leadership – Question: Who’s at fault for today’s troubled youth and the bullying epidemic?

With bullying at an epidemic level and the rate of teen suicide soaring, maybe it’s time to stop pointing fingers and take personal and community responsibility.

Think about it, you know as well as I do; every parent is an idiot… If you don’t believe me, just get someone to ask your teen age kid.

So let me ask you: How much better would your children’s lives be if they had a trusted caring adult to guide them?

Research shows; that the most important factor in Saving and Strengthening our Youth is that they have a relationship with between 1 and 3 caring trusted adults. (non parental, remember we are idiots)

In fact, the research goes further in stating kids who have these kind of relationships are healthier, more resilient and more likely to meet their goals.

My guest on this episode of Dõv Baron’s Full Monty Leadership Show is Dr Mollie Marti. She is a trained lawyer and psychologist who had an exceptional mentor who taught her how to be a servant leader.

It was through serious sickness and facing the prospect of death that Dr. Mollie Marti found herself with needing to pass on the wisdom shared with her through her mentor.